Class PreferenceTest

  • public class PreferenceTest
    extends OBBaseTest
    Test cases covering Preferences visibility and conflict resolution handling. Note these test cases are dependent one on each other, therefore all of them must be executed one after the other sorted alphabetically.
    • Constructor Detail

      • PreferenceTest

        public PreferenceTest()
    • Method Detail

      • test00CreatePreference

        public void test00CreatePreference()
      • test01OverwritePreference

        public void test01OverwritePreference()
      • test02SamePropertyDifferentVisibility

        public void test02SamePropertyDifferentVisibility()
      • test10ExceptionNotFound

        public void test10ExceptionNotFound()
      • test11PLExceptionNotFound

        public void test11PLExceptionNotFound()
      • test12Conflict

        public void test12Conflict()
      • test13PLConflict

        public void test13PLConflict()
      • test16PreferenceClientOrgSetting

        public void test16PreferenceClientOrgSetting()
      • test99Clean

        public void test99Clean()