Class GenerateEntityModelWiki

  • public class GenerateEntityModelWiki
    extends OBBaseTest
    Generates the entity model wiki page and its subpages: It uses specific values for COOKIE and TOKEN which need to be obtained by login into the openbravo wiki and then copy the wiki cookie values as one string to the COOKIE static. The TOKEN is the value of the wpEditToken html hidden input which is present in the html of a wiki page in edit mode. Note this page generation uses two txt files located in the same package, these pages are used as template like files.
    • Constructor Detail

      • GenerateEntityModelWiki

        public GenerateEntityModelWiki()
    • Method Detail

      • _testPrint

        public void _testPrint()
      • testGenerateWiki

        public void testGenerateWiki()
                              throws Exception
        Generates the entity model wiki pages and uploads them to the openbravo wiki.