Class TriggerProvider

  • public class TriggerProvider
    extends Object
    Provides Quartz's Trigger instances configured with the timing options and schedules defined with a process request.
    • Method Detail

      • getInstance

        public static TriggerProvider getInstance()
        the TriggerProvider singleton instance
      • createTrigger

        public org.quartz.Trigger createTrigger​(String name,
                                                ProcessBundle bundle,
                                                ConnectionProvider conn)
                                         throws TriggerGenerationException
        Loads the trigger details from AD_PROCESS_REQUEST and converts them into a schedulable Quartz Trigger instance.
        name - The name element for the Trigger's TriggerKey. In general this will be the the ID of the AD_PROCESS_REQUEST.
        bundle - the ProcessBundle to be included into the Trigger's job data map
        conn - the ConnectionProvider used to load the AD_PROCESS_REQUEST information
        a Trigger instance configured according to the AD_PROCESS_REQUEST information retrieved from database
        TriggerGenerationException - if the trigger generation fails.