Interface CalloutInformationProvider

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    public interface CalloutInformationProvider
    CalloutInformationProvider provides the information that is used to populate the messages, comboEntries etc... for Callouts.
    • Method Detail

      • getCurrentElementName

        String getCurrentElementName()
        Retrieves the name of the current element to take into account into the FIC response.
      • getCurrentElementValue

        Object getCurrentElementValue​(Object element)
        Retrieves the value of the current parameter allocated inside element to take into account into the FIC response.
      • getNextElement

        Object getNextElement()
        Retrieves the next element of the collection to manage all values updated by callouts.
      • isComboData

        Boolean isComboData​(Object element)
        This method checks if an object represents a combo data to apply a particular parser operations.
        true if values represents a combo data.
      • manageComboData

        void manageComboData​(Map<String,​org.codehaus.jettison.json.JSONObject> columnValues,
                             List<String> dynamicCols,
                             List<String> changedCols,
                             RequestContext request,
                             Object element,
                             Column col,
                             String colIdent)
                      throws org.codehaus.jettison.json.JSONException
        This method allows to implement a particular mechanism for managing combo data generated by callouts.