Class CharacteristicsUIDefinition

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      • CharacteristicsUIDefinition

        public CharacteristicsUIDefinition()
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      • getFieldProperties

        public String getFieldProperties​(Field field,
                                         boolean getValueFromSession)
        Description copied from class: UIDefinition
        Computes properties to initialize and set the field in a Smartclient form. This can be the default value or the sets of values in the valuemap.
        getFieldProperties in class UIDefinition
        field - the field for which the information should be computed.
        a JSONObject string which is used to initialize the formitem.
      • getFilterEditorPropertiesProperty

        public String getFilterEditorPropertiesProperty​(Field field)
        Description copied from class: UIDefinition
        Returns the filterEditorProperties property set on the gridfield. Note for implementations in the subclass: field maybe null.
        getFilterEditorPropertiesProperty in class StringUIDefinition
        field - the field to generate the filter editor properties for, note it is allowed to pass null, implementors should gracefully handle this.