Class ParameterWindowComponent

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class ParameterWindowComponent
    extends BaseTemplateComponent
    The component which takes care of creating a class for a specific paramter window.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ParameterWindowComponent

        public ParameterWindowComponent()
    • Method Detail

      • getWindowClientClassName

        public String getWindowClientClassName()
      • setUniqueString

        public void setUniqueString​(String uniqueString)
      • generate

        public String generate()
        Description copied from interface: Component
        Generates the content of the component which is sent to the client for execution/rendering.
        Specified by:
        generate in interface Component
        generate in class BaseTemplateComponent
        the generated javascript which is send back to the client
      • isPopup

        public boolean isPopup()
      • setPoup

        public void setPoup​(boolean popup)
      • getThreadSafe

        public String getThreadSafe()
      • setProcess

        public void setProcess​(Process process)
      • getActionHandler

        public String getActionHandler()
      • getProcessId

        public String getProcessId()
      • getClientSideValidation

        public String getClientSideValidation()
      • getOnLoadFunction

        public String getOnLoadFunction()
      • getOnRefreshFunction

        public String getOnRefreshFunction()
      • getButtonList

        public List<List> getButtonList()
      • isReport

        public boolean isReport()
      • getReportId

        public String getReportId()
      • isXlsExport

        public boolean isXlsExport()
      • isPdfExport

        public boolean isPdfExport()
      • isHtmlExport

        public boolean isHtmlExport()
      • getDynamicColumns

        public String getDynamicColumns()
      • setParentWindow

        public void setParentWindow​(Window parentWindow)