Class OBTreeReferenceComponent

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class OBTreeReferenceComponent
    extends BaseTemplateComponent
    The backing bean for generating the OBTreeReference client-side representation.
    • Constructor Detail

      • OBTreeReferenceComponent

        public OBTreeReferenceComponent()
    • Method Detail

      • setReferencedTree

        public void setReferencedTree​(ReferencedTree referencedTree)
      • getAdditionalProperties

        public static String getAdditionalProperties​(ReferencedTree referencedTree,
                                                     boolean onlyDisplayField)
      • isParentSelectionAllowed

        public boolean isParentSelectionAllowed()
      • getDefaultPopupFilterField

        public String getDefaultPopupFilterField()
        Computes the field in the popup which can receive the value entered by the user in the suggestion box, to set the first default filter.
        the field in the popup to set.
      • getValueField

        public String getValueField()
      • getDisplayField

        public String getDisplayField()
      • getShowSelectorGrid

        public String getShowSelectorGrid()
        true if there is at least one active field shown in grid
      • getTitle

        public String getTitle()
      • getDataSourceJavascript

        public String getDataSourceJavascript()
      • getExtraSearchFields

        public String getExtraSearchFields()
      • getDataSourceId

        public String getDataSourceId()
      • getReferencedTableId

        public String getReferencedTableId()