Class AccessLevelChecker

  • public class AccessLevelChecker
    extends Object
    Provides checking logic that enforces that certain tables (== Entities) in the system only contain records (== Objects) with the correct client and organization. The accessLevel of the table is used for this.

    System tables may only contain objects with Client id '0' and organization id '0' (=* organization)

    System/Client tables may contain objects from any client but only organizations with id '0'

    Organization may not contain objects with client '0' or organization '0' (client != '0' and org != '0')

    Client/Organization may not contain objects with client '0', any organization is allowed

    All this allows all client/organizations.

    • Field Detail

      • SYSTEM

        public static final AccessLevelChecker SYSTEM
        SYSTEM access level, only allows client with id '0' and organization with id '0'.

        public static final AccessLevelChecker SYSTEM_CLIENT
        SYSTEM_CLIENT access level, allows any client but only allows an organization with id '0'.

        public static final AccessLevelChecker ORGANIZATION
        ORGANIZATION access level, only allows client and organization with id both unequal to id '0'.

        public static final AccessLevelChecker CLIENT_ORGANIZATION
        CLIENT_ORGANIZATION access level, only allows client with id unequal to id '0' and any organization.
    • Constructor Detail

      • AccessLevelChecker

        public AccessLevelChecker()
    • Method Detail

      • checkAccessLevel

        public void checkAccessLevel​(String entity,
                                     String clientId,
                                     String orgId)
      • failOnZeroClient

        protected void failOnZeroClient​(String entity,
                                        String clientId)
      • failOnNonZeroClient

        protected void failOnNonZeroClient​(String entity,
                                           String clientId)
      • failOnZeroOrg

        protected void failOnZeroOrg​(String entity,
                                     String orgId)
      • failOnNonZeroOrg

        protected void failOnNonZeroOrg​(String entity,
                                        String orgId)