Class BaseForeignKeyDomainType

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      • BaseForeignKeyDomainType

        public BaseForeignKeyDomainType()
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      • getForeignKeyColumn

        public Column getForeignKeyColumn​(String columnName)
        Description copied from interface: ForeignKeyDomainType
        The foreign key column to which a certain column refers. Is only relevant if this reference is a foreign key.
        Specified by:
        getForeignKeyColumn in interface ForeignKeyDomainType
        columnName - the refering foreign key column
        the refered to column based on the table encoded in the table name of the passed column. This method also handles exceptional column names in a specific way.
      • getReferedTableName

        protected String getReferedTableName​(String columnName)
        Needs to be implemented by subclass. If the subclass can not return the tablename then it can return null. The tablename is used to check that valid object is set in properties with this domain type.
        the table name of the table name refered to by this domain type.
      • getReferedEntity

        protected Entity getReferedEntity​(Property property)
        Returns the entity refered to by this foreign key domain type. Note that for TableDir domain types this method always returns null.
        property - property for this domain type, the property is needed because the domain type is shared by different properties.
        the entity to which this domain type refers, is null in case of TableDir.