Class GenerateEntitiesTask

  • public class GenerateEntitiesTask
    extends Object
    Task generates the entities using the freemarker template engine.
    Martin Taal, Stefan Huehner
    • Constructor Detail

      • GenerateEntitiesTask

        public GenerateEntitiesTask()
    • Method Detail

      • main

        public static void main​(String[] args)
      • isDeprecated

        public boolean isDeprecated​(Entity e)
        Checks if an entity is set as deprecated
        e - Entity to check deprecation
        True if entity is deprecated, false otherwise
      • isDeprecated

        public boolean isDeprecated​(Property p)
        Checks if a proprerty is deprecated, it can be deprecated in Application Dictionary or the entity it references could be deprecated
        p - Property to check deprecation
        True if property or property target entity are deprecated and generate deprecate property is set to true in, false otherwise
      • getDeprecationMessage

        public String getDeprecationMessage​(Property p)
      • formatSqlLogic

        public String formatSqlLogic​(String sqlLogic)