Class FinancialAccountTest

  • public class FinancialAccountTest
    extends OBBaseTest
    • Constructor Detail

      • FinancialAccountTest

        public FinancialAccountTest()
    • Method Detail

      • setUpF

        public void setUpF()
                    throws Exception
        This before method is named setUpF() to avoid overwriting the super setUp method that is invoke automatically before this one.
      • testAddFinancialAccountValid1

        public void testAddFinancialAccountValid1()
      • testAddFinancialAccountValid2

        public void testAddFinancialAccountValid2()
      • testAddFinancialAccountValid3

        public void testAddFinancialAccountValid3()
      • testAddFinancialAccountNotValid1

        public void testAddFinancialAccountNotValid1()
        Currency is mandatory
      • testDeleteFinancialAccounts

        public void testDeleteFinancialAccounts()
        Deletes all the Payment Methods created for testing