Class EntityXMLIssues

  • public class EntityXMLIssues
    extends XMLBaseTest
    Test various issues reported with XML import/export in mantis.
    • Constructor Detail

      • EntityXMLIssues

        public EntityXMLIssues()
    • Method Detail

      • testMantis6212

        public void testMantis6212()
        Checks mantis issue 6212, issue text: When inserting reference data using DAL into ad_client 0 it should not generate new uuids but maintain the current ids but it is doing so.
      • testMantis6213

        public void testMantis6213()
        Checks mantis issue 6213, issue text: When exporting/importing reference data for char columns dal trims the blank spaces so in case the column contains only blank spaces it is treated as null.
      • testMantis12633

        public void testMantis12633()
        Test mantis issue 12633: XML Conversion from integer numbers should be more robust
      • testIssue20357

        public void testIssue20357()
        20357: There should be a way to define with properties i want to export in a EntityXMLConverter call