Class WSReadableClientsTest

  • public class WSReadableClientsTest
    extends BaseWSTest
    • Constructor Detail

      • WSReadableClientsTest

        public WSReadableClientsTest​(String clientId,
                                     String orgId,
                                     boolean isReadable)
        clientId - client ID of the object created in the test
        orgId - organization ID of the object created in the test
        isReadable - whether the web service result should contain the object created in the test
    • Method Detail

      • canReadChildPropertiesOfReadableClient

        public void canReadChildPropertiesOfReadableClient()
        Test to ensure that DAL web services return just the child objects which belong to the readable clients of the current role.
      • createTestRegion

        public void createTestRegion()
      • deleteTestRegion

        public void deleteTestRegion()