Class AccessLevelTest

    • Constructor Detail

      • AccessLevelTest

        public AccessLevelTest()
    • Method Detail

      • testUserDataAccessLevel

        public void testUserDataAccessLevel()
        Test that the access level is tested correctly
      • testADataAccessLevel

        public void testADataAccessLevel()
        Tests/checks if the current client/org of the all objects in the database is valid for the access level defined for that entity.
      • testAccessLevelCO

        public void testAccessLevelCO()
        Tests the Client Organization access level.
      • testAccessLevelSystem

        public void testAccessLevelSystem()
        Test the System access level.
      • testAccessLevelOrganization

        public void testAccessLevelOrganization()
        Tests the Organization Access Level.
      • testAccessLevelSC

        public void testAccessLevelSC()
        Tests Access Level System Client.