Class AccessPropagation

  • public class AccessPropagation
    extends WeldBaseTest
    Test case for access propagation We start having Role "role" which inherits from Role "template" We add access A1 for "template" and access A2 for "role" If we update access A1 for "template" this change must be propagated for "role". In addition, A2 access for "role" must remain without changes
    • Constructor Detail

      • AccessPropagation

        public AccessPropagation()
    • Method Detail

      • createDummyView

        public void createDummyView()
      • checkPropagationOfSavedAccess

        public void checkPropagationOfSavedAccess()
        Test case for access propagation
      • removeDummyView

        public void removeDummyView()