Class OneToManyTest

  • public class OneToManyTest
    extends OBBaseTest
    Test cases for one-to-many support: adding a child, deleting a child.
    • Constructor Detail

      • OneToManyTest

        public OneToManyTest()
    • Method Detail

      • testAAccessChildCollection

        public void testAAccessChildCollection()
        Tests if it is possible to iterate over OrderLine objects of an Order. Adds one
      • testBAddOrderLine

        public void testBAddOrderLine()
        Tests adding an OrderLine to an Order without explicitly saving the order line, the cascade behavior defined in the hibernate mapping should take care of that.
      • testCDeleteChild

        public void testCDeleteChild()
        Now the order line from the previous test case is deleted.
      • testDConfirmDeleted

        public void testDConfirmDeleted()
        This test checks if the order line has indeed been deleted.