Class OBContextTest

    • Constructor Detail

      • OBContextTest

        public OBContextTest()
    • Method Detail

      • testWarehouseInContext

        public void testWarehouseInContext()
        Tests if the warehouse is set correctly in the OBContext.
      • testLanguageInContext

        public void testLanguageInContext()
        Tests if the language is set correctly in the OBContext.
      • testReadableDeactivatedOrg

        public void testReadableDeactivatedOrg()
        Tests that inactive readable organizations are included in the list of readable organization by the role.
      • testUnbalancedCallsToAdminMode

        public void testUnbalancedCallsToAdminMode()
        Maintain and print stacktraces when calls to setAdminMode and restoreAdminMode are unbalanced To test this issue set the OBContext.ADMIN_TRACE_SIZE to a higher value than 0