Class IssuesTest

  • public class IssuesTest
    extends OBBaseTest
    Tests for some issues.
    mtaal, iperdomo
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      • IssuesTest

        public IssuesTest()
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      • test13749

        public void test13749()
      • test12918

        public void test12918()
      • test12702

        public void test12702()
      • test12106

        public void test12106()
      • test12202

        public void test12202()
      • test12201

        public void test12201()
      • test12143

        public void test12143()
      • test11812

        public void test11812()
      • test11461

        public void test11461()
      • test11681

        public void test11681()
      • test12497

        public void test12497()
      • test12853

        public void test12853()
      • test12903

        public void test12903()
      • test13135

        public void test13135()
        OBContext.getLanguage() returns 'wrong' language, if user does not have a default language set
      • test13136

        public void test13136()
        OBContext.getLanguage does only use users' default language, and does not honor language change in the role change popup
      • test13509

        public void test13509()
                       throws Exception
        In a OBCriteria you can't use list() after a count() call
      • test14276

        public void test14276()
                       throws Exception
        Need feature to disable maintaining audit info via dal for one request/dal-session
      • test15050

        public void test15050()
                       throws Exception
        OBQuery: whereclause with alias with a comma direct after the alias fails
      • test15218

        public void test15218()
                       throws Exception
        error when closing transaction
      • test15360

        public void test15360()
                       throws Exception
        ModelProvider.getTable(tablename) should not fail
      • test15742

        public void test15742()
        Testing if storing 10000 'ñ' characters in a column of type clob/text works correctly.
      • test17058

        public void test17058()
        It verifies that the NVARCHAR JDBC type is properly mapped The test SQL query is used in the IDL module.
      • test20129A

        public void test20129A()
        Tests getChildOrg()
      • test20129B

        public void test20129B()
        Tests getNaturalTree()
      • test20129C

        public void test20129C()
        Tests getReadableOrganizations()
      • test20129D

        public void test20129D()
        Tests getReadableClients()
      • test20129E

        public void test20129E()
        Tests getWritableOrganizations()
      • test20611

        public void test20611()
      • test20659

        public void test20659()
        Tests that if an invalid organization id is provided, getChildOrg returns an empty set instead of null.
      • test20733

        public void test20733()