Class ClientImportProcessor

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      • ClientImportProcessor

        public ClientImportProcessor()
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      • process

        public void process​(List<BaseOBObject> newObjects,
                            List<BaseOBObject> updatedObjects)
        Description copied from interface: EntityXMLProcessor
        This method is called after the import process has parsed the xml and created the in-memory object graph of objects which are inserted and updated in the database. This method can access the database using the Data Access Layer. It will operate in the same transaction as the import process itself.
        Specified by:
        process in interface EntityXMLProcessor
        newObjects - the list of objects which will be inserted into the database
        updatedObjects - the list of objects which will be updated in the database
        See Also:
        EntityXMLProcessor.process(List, List)
      • getNewName

        public String getNewName()
      • setNewName

        public void setNewName​(String newName)