Class TimezoneDatasource

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      • TimezoneDatasource

        public TimezoneDatasource()
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      • getData

        protected List<Map<String,​Object>> getData​(Map<String,​String> parameters,
                                                         int startRow,
                                                         int endRow)
        Description copied from class: ReadOnlyDataSourceService
        Read/create the set of data as a list of Maps with key-value pairs.
        Specified by:
        getData in class ReadOnlyDataSourceService
        parameters - the parameters passed in from the request
        startRow - the first row to read (maybe -1 to indicate no startrow)
        endRow - the last row to read (maybe -1 to indicate no endrow
        the number of objects read, note that this maybe more than endRow - startRow + 1. The startRow parameter should be strictly followed though.