Class WindowAccessInjector

    • Constructor Detail

      • WindowAccessInjector

        public WindowAccessInjector()
    • Method Detail

      • getPriority

        public int getPriority()
        Description copied from class: AccessTypeInjector
        Returns the priority of this injector. It is used to determine the order when adding, updating or removing a particular access, if needed.
        getPriority in class AccessTypeInjector
        an integer that represents the priority of this injector
      • clearInheritFromFieldInChilds

        public void clearInheritFromFieldInChilds​(InheritedAccessEnabled access,
                                                  boolean clearAll)
        Description copied from class: AccessTypeInjector
        Sets to null the Inherited From field to child elements when applies (for example, this is used for TabAccess and FieldAccess). This allows the cascade deletion of these elements when removing an inherited Window Access or Tab Access.
        clearInheritFromFieldInChilds in class AccessTypeInjector
        access - The access to be removed from the parent list
        clearAll - Flag to indicate if the Inherited From field should be nullified in every child inherited access or not