Class ModelXMLConverter

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    OBProvidable, OBSingleton

    public class ModelXMLConverter
    extends Object
    implements OBSingleton
    Generates the XML Schema which represents the REST Webservice in and output. The XML Schema is generated on the basis of the in-memory model provided by the ModelProvider.
    See Also:
    Entity, Property
    • Constructor Detail

      • ModelXMLConverter

        public ModelXMLConverter()
    • Method Detail

      • getEntitiesAsXML

        public org.dom4j.Document getEntitiesAsXML()
        Returns the list of Entities as XML representations.
        the Dom4j document containing the list of Entities
      • getSchema

        public org.dom4j.Document getSchema()
        Generates the XML Schema representation of the in-memory model. This XML Schema represents the in- and output of the REST web-services.
        the Dom4j document containing the XML Schema.
      • addPropertyElements

        protected void addPropertyElements​(org.dom4j.Element sequence,
                                           Entity e)
      • addErrorSchema

        protected void addErrorSchema​(org.dom4j.Element rootSchema)