Interface DataPoolConfiguration

    • Method Detail

      • getDataPoolSelection

        Map<String,​String> getDataPoolSelection()
        Provides a map that contains the data pool to be used for each entry of this configuration. The entries (keys of the map) should be built according to the format expected by the to ensure that it is able to find the configuration correctly.
        configured values defined on a map with the IDs of the different entries as keys and the database pool name to be used by each key as values.
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      • getPreferenceName

        String getPreferenceName()
        Provides the name of the preference that specifies the default database pool to be used by the elements of this configuration when there is no an specific configuration form them
        The preference name
      • getDataType

        String getDataType()
        Provides the name of the type of data for this configuration
        The name of the data type