Class ServiceModifyTaxProductCategoryTransformer

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      • ServiceModifyTaxProductCategoryTransformer

        public ServiceModifyTaxProductCategoryTransformer()
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      • transformHqlQuery

        public String transformHqlQuery​(String hqlQuery,
                                        Map<String,​String> requestParameters,
                                        Map<String,​Object> queryNamedParameters)
        Description copied from class: HqlQueryTransformer
        Returns the transformed hql query
        Specified by:
        transformHqlQuery in class HqlQueryTransformer
        hqlQuery - original hql query
        requestParameters - the parameters of the request
        queryNamedParameters - the named parameters of the hql query that will be used to fetch the table data. If the transformed hql query uses named parameters that did not exist in the original hql query, the named parameters must be added to this map
        the transformed hql query