Class CreateInvoiceLinesFromProcess

  • public class CreateInvoiceLinesFromProcess
    extends Object
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      • CreateInvoiceLinesFromProcess

        public CreateInvoiceLinesFromProcess()
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      • createInvoiceLinesFromDocumentLines

        public int createInvoiceLinesFromDocumentLines​(org.codehaus.jettison.json.JSONArray selectedLinesParam,
                                                       Invoice currentInvoice,
                                                       Class<? extends BaseOBObject> selectedLinesFromClass)
        This process copies the selected Lines into the Invoice that is being processed by this same Process
        • 1. Update Invoice and Invoice Line related information
        • 2. Copy product and attributes
        • 3. Calculate amounts and UOM's
        • 4. Calculate Prices based on price list
        • 5. Calculate Acc and Def Plan from Product
        • 6. Recalculate Taxes
        selectedLinesParam - Order/InOut Lines selected by the user from which the invoice lines will be created
        currentInvoice - The invoice currently being created
        selectedLinesFromClass - The class of the lines being copied (Order/InOut)
        The number of invoice lines created by the process