Class ForeignKeyUIDefinition

    • Constructor Detail

      • ForeignKeyUIDefinition

        public ForeignKeyUIDefinition()
    • Method Detail

      • getParentType

        public String getParentType()
        getParentType in class UIDefinition
        the Smartclient type from which this type inherits.
      • getFormEditorType

        public String getFormEditorType()
        getFormEditorType in class UIDefinition
        the form item type used for editing this reference in a form.
      • getFilterEditorPropertiesProperty

        public String getFilterEditorPropertiesProperty​(Field field)
        Description copied from class: UIDefinition
        Returns the filterEditorProperties property set on the gridfield. Note for implementations in the subclass: field maybe null.
        getFilterEditorPropertiesProperty in class UIDefinition
        field - the field to generate the filter editor properties for, note it is allowed to pass null, implementors should gracefully handle this.
      • getGridFieldProperties

        public String getGridFieldProperties​(Field field)
        Description copied from class: UIDefinition
        Computes properties to initialize and set the field in a Smartclient grid cell. This can be the default value or the sets of values in the valuemap. Note: the result should be either empty, if not empty then it start with a comma and end without a comma, this to generate correct javascript.
        getGridFieldProperties in class UIDefinition
        field - the field for which the information should be computed.
        a JSONObject string which is used to initialize the formitem.
      • getDisplayFieldName

        protected String getDisplayFieldName​(Field field,
                                             Property prop)
        Note: can return null, in that case the default display field name is used
      • getSuperGridFieldProperties

        protected String getSuperGridFieldProperties​(Field field)
      • getSuperGridFieldName

        protected String getSuperGridFieldName​(Field field)
      • getTypeProperties

        public String getTypeProperties()
        Description copied from class: UIDefinition
        Computes the properties used to define the type, this includes all the Smartclient SimpleType properties.
        getTypeProperties in class UIDefinition
        a javascript string which can be included in the javascript defining the SimpleType. The default implementation returns an empty string.