Interface StaticResourceProviderMBean

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    public interface StaticResourceProviderMBean
    This interface allows to define the StaticResourceProvider class as an standard MBean that can be managed through JMX.
    • Method Detail

      • getCachedStaticResourceKeys

        Set<String> getCachedStaticResourceKeys()
        a Set with the keys used in the static resources cache.
      • getStaticResourceFileNames

        List<String> getStaticResourceFileNames()
        a List with the names of the files that contain static resources.
      • removeStaticResourceCachedInfo

        void removeStaticResourceCachedInfo​(String resourceName)
        Removes the cached information related to a static resource whose identifying name is passed as parameter.
        resourceName - the identifying name of the static resource
      • removeAllStaticResourceCachedInfo

        void removeAllStaticResourceCachedInfo()
        Removes all the cached information about the static resources.