Class UpdateInvariantCharacteristicsHandler

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    public class UpdateInvariantCharacteristicsHandler
    extends BaseActionHandler
    Process in charge of updating the product characteristics When this process is called with the INITIALIZE action, it will provide the data needed to initialize a popup that displays the invariant characteristics of the provided product This process can also be called with the UPDATE action. In that case, it will update the value of the product invariant characteristics using the provided data
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      • UpdateInvariantCharacteristicsHandler

        public UpdateInvariantCharacteristicsHandler()
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      • execute

        protected org.codehaus.jettison.json.JSONObject execute​(Map<String,​Object> parameters,
                                                                String content)
        Description copied from class: BaseActionHandler
        Needs to be implemented by a subclass.
        Specified by:
        execute in class BaseActionHandler
        parameters - the parameters obtained from the request. Note that the request object and the session object are also present in this map, resp. as the constants KernelConstants.HTTP_REQUEST and KernelConstants.HTTP_SESSION.
        content - the request content (if any)
        the return should be a JSONObject, this is passed back to the caller on the client.