Class ParameterCdiTestRule<T>

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    public class ParameterCdiTestRule<T>
    extends Object
    implements org.junit.rules.MethodRule
    Rule to make possible to run parameterized test cases with Arquillian runner. The Rule field defines the parameter values which will be taken by the field annotated with @ParameterCdiTest. Based on
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      • ParameterCdiTestRule

        public ParameterCdiTestRule​(List<T> params,
                                    Predicate<T> skipWhen)
        Creates a ParameterCdiTestRule with an skipping condition if needed
        params - the list of parameters of the parameterized test
        skipWhen - a predicate that can be used to skip the execution of the test for a subset of parameters. When it returns true for a given parameter, then the execution will be skipped. If this argument is null, then no parameter is skipped.
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      • apply

        public org.junit.runners.model.Statement apply​(org.junit.runners.model.Statement base,
                                                       org.junit.runners.model.FrameworkMethod method,
                                                       Object target)
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        apply in interface org.junit.rules.MethodRule