Interface DomainType

    • Method Detail

      • setReference

        void setReference​(Reference reference)
        The ModelReference is instantiated for each reference record in AD_Reference. When it is instantiated the original id of the reference record is passed in using this method.
        reference - the record for which the ModelReference is instantiated.
      • getReference

        Reference getReference()
        the Reference record for which this instance is created.
      • setModelProvider

        void setModelProvider​(ModelProvider modelProvider)
        The reference classes are instantiated by the ModelProvider. The ModelProvider can be used by the reference class to obtain other model related information.
        modelProvider - the ModelProvider instance responsible for building the internal and in-memory model.
      • getModelProvider

        ModelProvider getModelProvider()
        the ModelProvider used in this instance
      • initialize

        void initialize()
        Is called during the initialization of the model layer. Is called after the setModelProvider(ModelProvider). Note: any subclass should clean-up and close database connections or hibernate sessions. If this is not done then the update.database task may hang when disabling foreign keys.
      • checkIsValidValue

        void checkIsValidValue​(Property property,
                               Object value)
                        throws ValidationException
        Checks if a certain value is valid according to the type of the reference.
        property - the property which has this value
        value - the value
      • checkObjectIsValid

        void checkObjectIsValid​(BaseOBObjectDef obObject,
                                Property property)
                         throws ValidationException
        Checks if a certain property has a valid value taking into account other values in the object.
        obObject - the overall object to check
        property - the property to check