Class EntityXMLImportTestWarning

  • public class EntityXMLImportTestWarning
    extends XMLBaseTest
    Test if warnings are generated by the xml import.
    • Constructor Detail

      • EntityXMLImportTestWarning

        public EntityXMLImportTestWarning()
    • Method Detail

      • testNotWritableUpdate

        public void testNotWritableUpdate()
        Test that a warning is given that an object (in this case Greeting is not writable because of access definitions for the user.
      • testNotWritableInsertError

        public void testNotWritableInsertError()
        Tests that an error message is given that an object is new but the user is not allowed to write it (because of access definitions).
      • testUpdatingOtherOrganizationWarning

        public void testUpdatingOtherOrganizationWarning()
        Tests that a warning is given that during an import, an update occured in another organization then the one passed in during the import. This can happen if an object belongs in organization * (0), while the update/import is in another organization.