Class EntityXMLImportTestSingle

  • public class EntityXMLImportTestSingle
    extends XMLBaseTest
    Test import of data, different scenarios in which data is re-imported (no update should occur), or small changes are made and an update should occur.
    • Constructor Detail

      • EntityXMLImportTestSingle

        public EntityXMLImportTestSingle()
    • Method Detail

      • test0ImportNoUpdate

        public void test0ImportNoUpdate()
        Test an import of data in its own organization/client. This should not result in an update or insert.
      • test1Greeting

        public void test1Greeting()
        Export Greeting from one org and import in the other
      • test2Greeting

        public void test2Greeting()
        Test that a repeat of the action of @ #test1Greeting()} is done without updating/inserting an object.
      • test3Greeting

        public void test3Greeting()
        Tests reads the Greeting objects from the QA_TEST_ORG_ID, changes something and then imports again. The result should be twenty updates.
      • test4Greeting

        public void test4Greeting()
        Remove the test data from QA_TEST_ORG_ID.
      • test5Greeting

        public void test5Greeting()
        Checks that the testdata was indeed removed.
      • test6Greeting

        public void test6Greeting()
        Same test as before exporting and then importing in same organization.