Class EntityXMLImportTestBusinessObject

  • public class EntityXMLImportTestBusinessObject
    extends XMLBaseTest
    Test import of data with a business object (PaymentTerm and PaymentTermLine), adding and removing childs.
    • Constructor Detail

      • EntityXMLImportTestBusinessObject

        public EntityXMLImportTestBusinessObject()
    • Method Detail

      • testAPaymentTerm

        public void testAPaymentTerm()
        Sets up the test data, creates a first of Payment Terms.
      • testBPaymentTerm

        public void testBPaymentTerm()
        Export the Payment Terms from one client and import into another client.
      • testCPaymentTerm

        public void testCPaymentTerm()
        Execute the same test as in testBPaymentTerm(), as it is repeated and no data has changed no updates should take place.
      • testDPaymentTerm

        public void testDPaymentTerm()
        Now do the same as in testCPaymentTerm() only now with some small changes in the xml, so that some objects are updated.
      • testEPaymentTerm

        public void testEPaymentTerm()
        Test removal of a PaymentTermLine from a PaymentTerm in the xml, then import. After importing the PaymentTermLine should have gone.
      • testFPaymentTerm

        public void testFPaymentTerm()
        Tests that the previous test testEPaymentTerm() did not really remove a line.
      • testGPaymentTerm

        public void testGPaymentTerm()
        Add a PaymentTermLine in the xml and import it, there should be an extra line then.
      • testHPaymentTerm

        public void testHPaymentTerm()
        Tests that testGPaymentTerm() was successful.
      • testZPaymentTerm

        public void testZPaymentTerm()
        Remove the testdata.