Class DefaultsDataset

  • public class DefaultsDataset
    extends XMLBaseTest
    Test cases to cover default config datasets
    • Constructor Detail

      • DefaultsDataset

        public DefaultsDataset()
    • Method Detail

      • setAdmin

        public void setAdmin()
      • dds001DataShouldBeImported

        public void dds001DataShouldBeImported()
        Imports dataset and checks data is imported
      • dss002ChangesShouldBePreserved

        public void dss002ChangesShouldBePreserved()
        Modifies data imported by previous test case, imports dataset again and checks modifications are not overwritten
      • dss003NewRowsShouldBeInsertedOldOnesPreserved

        public void dss003NewRowsShouldBeInsertedOldOnesPreserved()
        Imports new version of the dataset, which adds a new record and does not have previous one. New record should be added, whearas old one should be kept
      • dss999CleanUp

        public void dss999CleanUp()
        Clean ups inserted records