Class EntityAccessTest

  • public class EntityAccessTest
    extends CrossOrganizationReference
    Tests access on the basis of window and table definitions. Also tests derived read access. IMPORTANT: Test cases are called by one of them called testContent(). The name of the rest of the test cases NOT begin by "test...".
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    • Constructor Detail

      • EntityAccessTest

        public EntityAccessTest()
    • Method Detail

      • testACreateCurrency

        public void testACreateCurrency()
        Creates test data, a Currency.
      • testBDoNotExecutetestNonDeletable

        public void testBDoNotExecutetestNonDeletable()
        Test tries to remove the Currency. Which should fail as it is not deletable. After fixing issue #0010139, all entities are deletable. Therefore this test case is not going to be executed.
      • testCCheckDerivedReadableCurrency

        public void testCCheckDerivedReadableCurrency()
        Checks the derived readable concept, only identifier fields of a derived readable object may be read. Also checks the allowRead concept of a BaseOBObject ( BaseOBObject.setAllowRead(boolean))
      • testDUpdateCurrencyDerivedRead

        public void testDUpdateCurrencyDerivedRead()
        Test derived readable on a set method, also there this check must be done.
      • testENonReadable

        public void testENonReadable()
        Checks non-readable, if an object/entity is not readable then it may not be read through the OBDal.
      • testFDeleteTestData

        public void testFDeleteTestData()
        Removes the test data by using the administrator account.
      • changeOrgIsAllowedHavingComputedColumns

        public void changeOrgIsAllowedHavingComputedColumns()
        Covers issue #36628: it was not possible to update organization if entity had computed columns