Class BypassAccessLevelCheck

  • public class BypassAccessLevelCheck
    extends OBBaseTest
    By default access level in entity and role is checked preventing reading data if role's user level is Organization and the entity trying to be accessed is Client or System. These checks can be bypassed.
    • Constructor Detail

      • BypassAccessLevelCheck

        public BypassAccessLevelCheck()
    • Method Detail

      • createOrgLevelRole

        public static void createOrgLevelRole()
      • orgLevelShouldntGrantAccessToSystemEntity

        public void orgLevelShouldntGrantAccessToSystemEntity()
        By default Org level roles cannot see data in System level entities
      • orgLevelCanAccessEntityAccessIfEnabled

        public void orgLevelCanAccessEntityAccessIfEnabled()
        Default behavior of for access level check can be bypassed
      • cleanUpCreatedObjects

        public static void cleanUpCreatedObjects()