Class ReferencedInventoryBoxTest

    • Constructor Detail

      • ReferencedInventoryBoxTest

        public ReferencedInventoryBoxTest()
    • Method Detail

      • testBox

        protected ReferencedInventory testBox​(String toBinId,
                                              String productId,
                                              String attributeSetInstanceId,
                                              BigDecimal qtyInBox,
                                              BigDecimal reservationQty,
                                              boolean isAllocated)
                                       throws Exception
        Runs a box process and verifies it. If reservationQty is not null, it first create a reservation for reservationQty and then boxes the qtyInBox units
        toBinId - new bin where the referenced inventory is left. If null it is the same as the current storage detail
        productId - Mandatory. A new product will be created as a clone of this one
        attributeSetInstanceId - Mandatory only when the product does require it.
        qtyInBox - quantity of the storage detail to be included in the reference inventory. Note that there is maximum availability of 10 units of the cloned product, so this quantity should be lower or equal than 10
        reservationQty - quantity to create a reservation before running the boxing. If null, no reservation will be created
        isAllocated - creates allocated or non-allocated reservation. Only useful if reservationQty is not null
        the created referenced inventory