Class PriceListTestData

    • Constructor Detail

      • PriceListTestData

        public PriceListTestData()
    • Method Detail

      • initialize

        public abstract void initialize()
      • getOrganizationId

        public String getOrganizationId()
      • setOrganizationId

        public void setOrganizationId​(String organizationId)
      • getPriceListName

        public String getPriceListName()
      • setPriceListName

        public void setPriceListName​(String priceListName)
      • getCurrencyId

        public String getCurrencyId()
      • setCurrencyId

        public void setCurrencyId​(String currencyId)
      • isSalesPrice

        public boolean isSalesPrice()
      • setSalesPrice

        public void setSalesPrice​(boolean isSalesPrice)
      • isBasedOnCost

        public boolean isBasedOnCost()
      • setBasedOnCost

        public void setBasedOnCost​(boolean isBasedOnCost)
      • isPriceIncludesTax

        public boolean isPriceIncludesTax()
      • setPriceIncludesTax

        public void setPriceIncludesTax​(boolean isPriceIncludesTax)
      • getBasePriceListVersionId

        public String getBasePriceListVersionId()
      • setBasePriceListVersionId

        public void setBasePriceListVersionId​(String basePriceListVersionId)
      • isDefault

        public boolean isDefault()
      • setDefault

        public void setDefault​(boolean isDefault)
      • getExpectedProductPrices

        public HashMap<String,​String[]> getExpectedProductPrices()
        Returns Map should be used to verify Product Prices values after test is executed. Map has the following structure: <Product name, [Unit Price Expected, List Price Expected]>
      • setExpectedProductPrices

        public void setExpectedProductPrices​(HashMap<String,​String[]> expectedProductPrices)