Class TableNameTest

  • public class TableNameTest
    extends OBBaseTest
    This test case checks that table names are correctly checked when inserting them into DB. It must be checkes the table name starts with the db prefix for the module and it is not possible to add tables with non-allowed names.
    • Constructor Detail

      • TableNameTest

        public TableNameTest()
    • Method Detail

      • testACreateModule

        public void testACreateModule()
        Creates a test module to work with it in later tests
      • testBCreateTable1

        public void testBCreateTable1()
        Creates a table that is valid, it has a valid name according with the db prefix for the module it is assigned to
      • testCCreateTable2

        public void testCCreateTable2()
        It tries to insert a table with a non-valid name prefix, it is tested that DB raises an exception and thus the table is not inserted.
      • testDCreateTable3

        public void testDCreateTable3()
        Same test as testCreateTable2 but trying to insert the table in a package that for core module, it should not insert anything
      • testEChangePackage

        public void testEChangePackage()
        This test tryies to change the package for the table created in testCreateTable1 to a package in core, this should fail because the naming rules are not filled
      • testFCleanUp

        public void testFCleanUp()
        Removes all created objects from database.