Class DBPrefixTest

  • public class DBPrefixTest
    extends OBBaseTest
    This tests check that db prefixes are correctly checked when they are inserted in DB in order not to follow modularity rules
    • Constructor Detail

      • DBPrefixTest

        public DBPrefixTest()
    • Method Detail

      • testAAddDBPrefixValid1

        public void testAAddDBPrefixValid1()
        Add a valid dbprefixes, everything should go ok only alphabetic upper chars. First call to createModule().
      • testBAddDBPrefixValid2

        public void testBAddDBPrefixValid2()
        alpha numeric chars not starting with a numeric one
      • testCAddDBPrefixNotValid1

        public void testCAddDBPrefixNotValid1()
        Add not valid db prefixes starts with number
      • testDAddDBPrefixNotValid2

        public void testDAddDBPrefixNotValid2()
        contains lower case letters
      • testEAddDBPrefixNotValid3

        public void testEAddDBPrefixNotValid3()
        contains underscore
      • testFAddDBPrefixNotValid4

        public void testFAddDBPrefixNotValid4()
        contains other non-alphabetic chars. In the end, call to deleteModule
      • deleteModule

        public void deleteModule()
        Deletes all the modules matching the name for the testing one