Class RuntimeModelTest

    • Constructor Detail

      • RuntimeModelTest

        public RuntimeModelTest()
    • Method Detail

      • setUpRmt

        public static void setUpRmt()
                             throws Exception
        This before method is named setUpRmt() to avoid overwriting the super setUp method that is invoke automatically before this one.
      • testDumpModel

        public void testDumpModel()
        Iterates over the model and prints it to the log.
      • testPK

        public void testPK()
        Checks if there are tables without a PK in the model.
      • testTableName

        public void testTableName()
        Check the for illegal characters. Spaces in should be handled better, currently the entity name contains a space resulting in errors in HQL
      • testModelProvider

        public void testModelProvider()
        Just checks that there is a ModelProvider and that it returns a model (a list of Entity objects).
      • testUniqueTableMapping

        public void testUniqueTableMapping()
        Checks that entities have a unique name.
        See Also:
      • testUniqueColumnMapping

        public void testUniqueColumnMapping()
        Checks that all names of properties are unique within an Entity.
        See Also:
      • testOnePK

        public void testOnePK()
        Tests that each entity/table has only one PK.
      • testIdentifiers

        public void testIdentifiers()
      • testColumnIdSet

        public void testColumnIdSet()
        Tests that all non-one-to-many/not-one-to-one/not-composite id columns have a column
      • testIsParent

        public void testIsParent()
        Tests that parent references are only allowed for specific reference types.
        See Also:
        Column.getReference(), Reference
      • testIsParent2

        public void testIsParent2()
        Tests that columns that has Column.isParent() on true are not of a primitive type.
      • testIsParent3

        public void testIsParent3()
        Checks that a column that has Column.isParent() on true has a table defined.
      • testIsParent4

        public void testIsParent4()
        Checks that a column that has Column.isParent() finishes on _ID.
      • testModelProviderShouldBeInitializedWithoutHelpByDefault

        public void testModelProviderShouldBeInitializedWithoutHelpByDefault()
        Checks if a ModelProvider is initialized without help in its model entities and properties
      • testModelProviderShouldHaveHelpAfterAddHelpToModel

        public void testModelProviderShouldHaveHelpAfterAddHelpToModel()
        Checks that a ModelProvider has help after addHelpToModel
      • testModelProviderKeepsNoHelpAfterRemoveHelp

        public void testModelProviderKeepsNoHelpAfterRemoveHelp()
        Checks if a model removes correctly every help comment from every entity and property of its model
      • testPrimitiveDomainTypeDefaultMethods

        public void testPrimitiveDomainTypeDefaultMethods()