Class ValidationTest

    • Constructor Detail

      • ValidationTest

        public ValidationTest()
    • Method Detail

      • testTypeChecking

        public void testTypeChecking()
        Tests the type checking of primitive Property values.
      • testTypeCheckDynamicObject

        public void testTypeCheckDynamicObject()
        Performs type checking of property values on a DynamicOBObject.
      • testListValue

        public void testListValue()
        Tests the validation of a list value (an enumeration).
      • testFieldLength

        public void testFieldLength()
        Tests the field length validation on a String.
      • testMaxValue

        public void testMaxValue()
        Test the validation of a max value of a numeric property.
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      • testMinValue

        public void testMinValue()
        Test the validation of a min value of a numeric property.
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      • testMantis8624

        public void testMantis8624()
        Tests Mantis issue: 8624: Validation should not check field length of id/foreign key columns