Class DalPerformanceExampleTest

  • public class DalPerformanceExampleTest
    extends OBBaseTest
    Contains examples used to explain Data Access Layer performance.
    • Constructor Detail

      • DalPerformanceExampleTest

        public DalPerformanceExampleTest()
    • Method Detail

      • testSimpleQuery

        public void testSimpleQuery()
        Simple query for all products.
      • testSimpleScrollQuery

        public void testSimpleScrollQuery()
        Scrollable results
      • testInsertBPs

        public void testInsertBPs()
        Scrollable results
      • testShowProxy

        public void testShowProxy()
      • testShowObjectGraph

        public void testShowObjectGraph()
        Show object graph loading
      • testShowCollectionLoading

        public void testShowCollectionLoading()
        Show collection loading
      • testJoinReferencedObjects

        public void testJoinReferencedObjects()
        Show explicit joining of referenced objects
      • testDML

        public void testDML()
        DML Style operations
      • testInsertSalesOrders

        public void testInsertSalesOrders()
        Scrollable results