Interface ProductCharacteristicCustomWhereClause

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    public interface ProductCharacteristicCustomWhereClause
    Allows to define a where clause that will be used in the ProductCharacteristicsDS datasource. Classes implementing this interfaces with this interface must declare the @ComponentProvider.Qualifier annotation, passing as parameter the ID of the Process Definition this ProductCharacteristicCustomWhereClause must be applied to. Subclasses must also declare the @ApplicationScoped annotation
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      • getCustomWhereClause

        String getCustomWhereClause​(Map<String,​String> requestParameters,
                                    Map<String,​Object> queryNamedParameters)
        Method that will be invoked by the ProductCharacteristicsDS datasource, to obtain a where clause that will be added to the product characteristics query. The returned where clause must not include the WHERE keyword
        requestParameters - the map of parameters included in the http request. It will include a _buttonOwnerContextInfo that will contain the context information of the tab where the process definition button is defined
        queryNamedParameters - map where the query parameters should be included, if any
        an HQL where clause, omitting the WHERE keyword