Class CompanyLogoUtils

  • public class CompanyLogoUtils
    extends Object
    Utility functions used to retrieve the proper company logo image All of them looks first for the given Organization, if no matching image was found, we try looking at ClientInfo and finally at SystemInfo
    • Constructor Detail

      • CompanyLogoUtils

        public CompanyLogoUtils()
    • Method Detail

      • getCompanyLogoForClient

        public static Image getCompanyLogoForClient​(Client client)
      • getCompanyLogoDarkMode

        public static Image getCompanyLogoDarkMode​(Organization org)
      • getCompanyLogoSubmark

        public static Image getCompanyLogoSubmark​(Organization org)
      • getCompanyLogoSubmarkDarkMode

        public static Image getCompanyLogoSubmarkDarkMode​(Organization org)
      • getCompanyLogoForDocuments

        public static Image getCompanyLogoForDocuments​(Organization org)
      • getCompanyLogoForReceipts

        public static Image getCompanyLogoForReceipts​(Organization org)