Class ISOCurrencyPrecision

  • public class ISOCurrencyPrecision
    extends Object
    Returns the standard currency precission for a specific currency defined in ISO 4217. If not found in ISO, returns a standard precision of 2.
    markmm82, jorge-garcia
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    • Constructor Detail

      • ISOCurrencyPrecision

        public ISOCurrencyPrecision()
    • Method Detail

      • getCurrencyPrecisionInISO4217Spec

        public static int getCurrencyPrecisionInISO4217Spec​(String paramISOCode)
        Find defined currency precision for specific ISO Code in ISO 4217 XML specification. If there is no currency defined for ISO Code parameter, then it returns 2 as the default standard precision value.
        paramISOCode - Currency ISO Code identifier to be found
        Currency Precision in ISO Specifications or default standard precision used in system for currency standard precision