Class ExtractModule

  • public class ExtractModule
    extends Object
    ExtractModule is able to extract an obx file for a module
    • Constructor Detail

      • ExtractModule

        public ExtractModule​(String xmlPoolFile,
                             String modulesDir)
        Initializes a ExtractModule instance for Stand Alone conection
        xmlPoolFile - file with pool information
        modulesDir - Base directory for modules
    • Method Detail

      • extract

        public void extract​(String moduleID)
        Generates the obx file for the module/template/package
        moduleID - Identifier for the module
      • setDestDir

        public void setDestDir​(String d)
      • setExportReferenceData

        public void setExportReferenceData​(boolean export)
      • setAddAllDependencies

        public void setAddAllDependencies​(boolean addAllDependencies)