Interface EntityXMLProcessor

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    public interface EntityXMLProcessor
    The entity xml processor is used to intercept specific actions during import and xml conversion of business objects.
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      • process

        void process​(List<BaseOBObject> newObjects,
                     List<BaseOBObject> updatedObjects)
        This method is called after the import process has parsed the xml and created the in-memory object graph of objects which are inserted and updated in the database. This method can access the database using the Data Access Layer. It will operate in the same transaction as the import process itself.
        newObjects - the list of objects which will be inserted into the database
        updatedObjects - the list of objects which will be updated in the database
      • replaceValue

        Object replaceValue​(BaseOBObject owner,
                            Property property,
                            Object importedValue)
        This method allows you to correct a value just before it is being set in an object which is being imported. This method is called just before a new primitive or refernence value is set in an imported object. This is called during an import of an object so the object maybe in an invalid state. This method is not called for one-to-many properties.
        owner - the owner object of the property
        property - the property being set
        importedValue - the value converted from the import xml
        a new value which is used by the import process