Class WidgetInFormUIDefinition

  • public class WidgetInFormUIDefinition
    extends UIDefinition
    Implementation of the Widget in Form UIdefinition
    • Constructor Detail

      • WidgetInFormUIDefinition

        public WidgetInFormUIDefinition()
    • Method Detail

      • getFormEditorType

        public String getFormEditorType()
        getFormEditorType in class UIDefinition
        the form item type used for editing this reference in a form.
      • getFieldProperties

        public String getFieldProperties​(Field field)
        Description copied from class: UIDefinition
        Computes properties to initialize and set the field in a Smartclient form. This can be the default value or the sets of values in the valuemap. NOTE: the field parameter may be null, implementors of subclasses should take this into account.
        getFieldProperties in class UIDefinition
        field - the field for which the information should be computed. NOTE: the caller is allowed to pass null for cases where the field properties are needed for a FormItem which is not backed by an Openbravo field.
        a JSONObject string which is used to initialize the formitem.
      • showHover

        public boolean showHover()
        Description copied from class: UIDefinition
        This method determines if the UI definition should include the showHover property as part of the grid field properties. Returns true by default.
        showHover in class UIDefinition
        true if fields using this UI definition should display their text on a hover box, otherwise return false