Class OBViewTab

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    public class OBViewTab
    extends BaseTemplateComponent
    Represents the Openbravo Tab (form and grid combination).
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    • Constructor Detail

      • OBViewTab

        public OBViewTab()
    • Method Detail

      • getDataSourceJavaScript

        public String getDataSourceJavaScript()
      • getNotesDataSourceJavaScript

        public String getNotesDataSourceJavaScript()
      • addChildTabComponent

        public void addChildTabComponent​(OBViewTab childTabComponent)
      • getDefaultEditMode

        public boolean getDefaultEditMode()
      • getMapping250

        public String getMapping250()
      • getParentProperty

        public String getParentProperty()
      • getDeleteableTable

        public boolean getDeleteableTable()
      • getViewForm

        public String getViewForm()
      • getViewGrid

        public String getViewGrid()
      • getParentTabComponent

        public OBViewTab getParentTabComponent()
      • setParentTabComponent

        public void setParentTabComponent​(OBViewTab parentTabComponent)
      • getHasChildTabsProperty

        public String getHasChildTabsProperty()
      • getTab

        public Tab getTab()
      • setTab

        public void setTab​(Tab tab)
      • isTabSet

        public boolean isTabSet()
      • getTabId

        public String getTabId()
      • getModuleId

        public String getModuleId()
      • getEntityName

        public String getEntityName()
      • getTabTitle

        public String getTabTitle()
      • getDataSourceId

        public String getDataSourceId()
      • getSelectionFunction

        public String getSelectionFunction()
      • setTabTitle

        public void setTabTitle​(String tabTitle)
      • getAcctTab

        public boolean getAcctTab()
      • getTrlTab

        public boolean getTrlTab()
      • getTableId

        public String getTableId()
      • getKeyProperty

        public Property getKeyProperty()
      • isDataSourceTable

        public boolean isDataSourceTable()
      • getKeyPropertyType

        public String getKeyPropertyType()
      • getKeyColumnName

        public String getKeyColumnName()
      • getKeyInpName

        public String getKeyInpName()
      • getWindowId

        public String getWindowId()
      • isButtonSessionLogic

        public boolean isButtonSessionLogic()
      • setUniqueString

        public void setUniqueString​(String uniqueString)
      • getProcessViews

        public String getProcessViews()
      • isAllowAdd

        public boolean isAllowAdd()
      • isAllowDelete

        public boolean isAllowDelete()
      • isShowSelect

        public boolean isShowSelect()
      • getSelectionType

        public String getSelectionType()
      • getNewFunction

        public String getNewFunction()
      • getRemoveFunction

        public String getRemoveFunction()
      • getShowIf

        public String getShowIf()
      • getDefaultTreeViewLogicIf

        public String getDefaultTreeViewLogicIf()
      • getPreferenceAttributes

        public String getPreferenceAttributes()
      • getPreferenceAttributesNames

        public String getPreferenceAttributesNames()
      • getDisplayLogicFields

        public List<String> getDisplayLogicFields()
      • getPrintUrl

        public static String getPrintUrl​(Tab myTab)
      • isRootTab

        public boolean isRootTab()
      • setRootTab

        public void setRootTab​(boolean isRootTab)
      • isShowParentButtons

        public boolean isShowParentButtons()
      • isTree

        public boolean isTree()
      • getTreeGrid

        public String getTreeGrid()
      • getReferencedTableId

        public String getReferencedTableId()